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Wascana WaterFowl Park
Wascana Centre Authority
Regina, Saskatchewan  S4P 3S7

Tel: (306) 522-3661
Fax: (306) 565-2742
Contact: Bob Ewart

The Wascana Waterfowl Park is a 223 hectare thriving marshland within Regina's city limits. It's existence dates back to 1913 when planners had the foresight to establish the Wascana Game Preserve. Part of the preserve later became the Wascana Bird Sanctuary and then the Regina Waterfowl Park.

In 1961, the Regina Waterfowl Committee presented a brief to the Wascana Centre Planners. The committee recommended that the Waterfowl Park be administered by Wascana Centre
* to establish and increase wildlife populations in the area;
* to maintain the marsh area with its native vegetation in as natural a state as possible; and
* to encourage public use of the area for education, research, and limited recreation.

Each April, about 225 pair of Canada Geese begin nesting in the Park. Most nest on man-made Goose Island which provides protection for them during nesting.

The Wascana Waterfowl Park also has resident populations of mammals including muskrat , mink, Jack rabbit, Richardson's ground squirrel, red fox, and beaver.

The WaterFowl Park is open during the Summer from 8:00 a.m. til 9:00 p.m. daily.
Bring your old bread and feed the geese, swans, ducks, and pelicans.

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